Dr. Steven Nicholson


Steven has been with Sydney Animal Hospital since 2007 where he began his career as a veterinary assistant.

He is now a 2013 graduate of the Atlantic Veterinary College and we are proud to have him back with us as one of our highly skilled veterinarians.

Born and raised in rural Cape Breton, Steven has a gentle personality that will warm your heart and has a calming effect on animals that is simply spiritual. He has particular interest and skills in exotics.

During his time at the Veterinary College this interest has expanded to include integrated medicine, including acupuncture for the treatment of chronic pain.

Steven owns a small farm here he raises Belgian horses, sheep,  goats, rabbits, chinchillas, as well as his senior Doberman “Zaya” and Collie “Fiction”. He has a strong interest in the care of wildlife and exotic animals. You can bet every time that you have a chance to talk with Steven, he will educate you and you’ll realize you are receiving the best care for your pet.