Laser Physiotherapy

Laser Physiotherapy is a new way to treat pains from injuries and wounds to neurological problems and arthritis without the use of drugs, surgery or needles. Whether your pet is recovering from trauma, healing from wounds or just ageing… this state-of-the-art system will help ease your beloved companion’s aches and pains. Laser therapy stimulates the body to heal from within using non-thermal photons of light that are absorbed by injured cells.

As your dog ages the probability of arthritic pain increase greatly: at ages 8 – 10 years 27% of dogs suffer from arthritis. The number increases to 37% for dogs 11-13 years old. If you’ve seen signs your dog is slowing down, this may be due to joint and muscle pain common in arthritis. Many owners of older dogs report the dog may still run and play, but may be reluctant or slow to get up in the morning, or may seem to favour a limb in poor weather (cold, raining).

It is difficult to diagnose arthritic pain in cats due to their stoic nature.  If you’ve noticed your feline friend slowing down, having trouble reaching the litter box, or isolating themselves from the family, pain may be the cause.

For over 30 years laser therapy has been used to successfully treat conditions in humans. We are pleased to offer this exciting benefit to your pet.

Conditions that can be improved include: Arthritis, acute and chronic pain, back injuries, sprains and strains, inflammation and edema, wounds and hot spots.

Benefits include: non-surgical treatment, no patient sedation or restraint required, extremely safe with no side effects, can be combined with other medications or arthritis treatments, immediate results (most treated pets feel better in 12 to 24 hours after treatment) and speeds healing processes after surgery or injury.  It’s also quick and convenient.

More information on laser physiotherapy can be found here: Common Questions.

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