In Memory Of

In Memory of Tanner Martell

Love is…..
When your friend looks up at you with those beautiful puppy eyes because you are the only one he trusts.
When your friend comes running towards you with all his might because you are the one person he wants to see.
When your friend stands up to danger by courageously barking when you didn’t think he could talk.
When your friend puts his head between your knees because he misses you after a long day of work.

Love is….
When your friend does not give up on you despite how hard it is to learn something she wants you to do.
When your friend runs with you because she knows how much you love to be free.
When your friend gently places your head in her arms while she grooms your long white hair.
When you feel your friend tugging at your collar because you just can’t control yourself from jumping up onto others.

Love is…..
When your friend puts his head on your lap because you need someone to listen.
When your friend kisses you lightly at the crack of dawn to help ease you into the start of the day.
When your friend is always close by, waiting for you to decide what to do.
When your friend always brings your spirits up if that negative cloud hovers over you.

Love is…..
When your friend will always come looking for you even though you can not resist that overwhelming scent.
When your friend stays at your side after your body has shut down and you are sick.
When your friend always praises you for every good thing that you do.

Love is….
When your friend will always allow you to hug him when you are feeling down and out.
When your friend patiently waits for a chance to take a drive or a walk on those lazy Sunday mornings.
When your friend respects your words during your walks and keeps on working to please you.

Love is….
When your friend still speaks to you without words during his last hours of his breath.
When your friend still tries to please you despite not having much energy to do so.
When your friend spares you more pain as he quietly and gracefully moves into his next life.

Love is….
When your friend supports your decision to go and stays with you through it all.
When your friend still speaks to you through gentle whispers because she knows that you are there watching over the family.
When your friend celebrates your life by remembering the years of joy which you brought to her life.

Love is….
When your friend looks back on all the good memories and wishes she/he could do it all again.

For my boy, Tanner, who was the most beautiful soul I’ve ever met. Tanner, who was 7 years 8 months, died after a battle with cancer
on February 4, 2012. Each person he met could not resist his energy and personality. He loved people and will be missed dearly by many. Good bye old friend and hope that you are running free in fields of long green grass filled with sticks and water. I will never forget you.
Lisa Martell,
Sydney, Nova Scotia


In Memory of Molly Cochrane

Molly,you left me with a lifetime of memories.Rest peacefully my baby.Mom loves you always.